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CUltural Agility


Culture is an invisible and inescapable force that skews our objectivity, shapes our motives, and clouds our judgment. It can create friction and misunderstandings in work teams and close relationships.

Recognizing its influence is a disciplined effort. There are insights to be gained and skills that you can learn to make you a better coworker, ministry partner, friend, and spouse.


Embracing humility is foundational in cultural agility. By setting aside preconceptions, we create space for genuine understanding, fostering deeper connections across diverse cultural landscapes.


Active hearing is pivotal in cultural navigation. Truly listening to diverse voices broadens our perspectives, fosters empathy, and bridges the gaps that cultural differences can sometimes present.


An essential foundation for living in harmony is a deep understanding of culture. Culture, at its root, is a lens we use to see the world. We look through culture, not at it. As such, its influences are nearly invisible from within a culture while abundantly obvious from the outside. 

Cultural Agility is the ability to recognize one’s own culture and that of others, how it influences behavior, and the elasticity to quickly adjust relationally to promote understanding and oneness. Enhanced communication and reduced conflict are practical outcomes.

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About Culture

  • Learn what culture is, how to see it, and how it motivates us.


  • Develop capacities to calibrate how we see, interpret, and respond to the world around us.


  • Enhance appreciation for different perspectives on the same matters.


  • Increase ability to adjust to different situations more rapidly and effectively.


  • Gain perspectives that reduce misunderstanding and tension.


  • Leverage cultural agility to amplify collaboration on our teams.

Participants in our Cultural Agility Workshop


Our team at Catalyst for Harmony proudly holds certifications as Intercultural Intelligence Practitioners through KnowledgeWorkx. This specialized training equips us with advanced tools and insights to effectively navigate and foster intercultural understanding and cooperation. By integrating these global best practices, we ensure that our programs and initiatives are not only culturally sensitive but also profoundly impactful. Trust us to guide your journey towards greater cultural agility with expertise and dedication.

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