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We create discipleship environments that form “Holy Elasticity” through intentionally diverse, welcoming everyone to participate in honest, holistic, and honoring conversations.



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Understanding your ministry begins with understanding the people on your team. Assessments can be a helpful tool for gaining insight and perspective on ourselves, one another, and our team dynamics.

Support Group
Intercultural Agility

We help you to properly interpret and respond to painful, confusing intercultural situations. Starting with an understanding that culture is primarily personal, we help you develop the ministry culture that you want to have.

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Racial Harmony

Sometimes, all you need is an insightful question or timely observation in order to get yourself or your team moving in the direction you want to go. Coaches help you to move forward on what’s best next. 


We won’t understand what we need or what we want if we haven’t taken the time to first understand ourselves. Working hard to discover whom we are creating the foundation we need for overcoming present challenges and living tomorrow’s vision.

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Pastoral Support

Everyone needs care, advocacy, and empathy – even the pastors that are leading the way. Find the support you need to keep leading well where God has called you.

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