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This cohort will focus on connecting and equipping local Twin Cities churches in racial harmony, justice, and cultural agility toward greater oneness in Christ.

ANdy Gray

Who will lead the way?

We seek pastors and churches who long for an enhanced experience of racial harmony and unity in the
Body of Christ in the Twin Cities. The tools learned and practiced through the cohort will equip you to
disciple your congregation through our increasingly polarized communities. The relationships and
partnerships formed will strengthen your connection with other followers of Jesus and help us shine
better as the Body of Christ. Will you consider being among those who forge pioneering paths of
discipleship for other churches to follow? We believe there is great hope for the churches of the Twin
Cities to Flourish Together.

Cultivate and enhance a multi-ethnic network of pastors and churches committed to seeing a Gospel-compelled eco-system of oneness and racial harmony that propels the Body of Christ to be Flourishing Together. The cohort will comprise 12 churches, with four leaders from each church. It will last 18 months, 12 months of learning and gathering, and six months of church-specific conversational coaching. 

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