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Exploring Cultural Agility

1 Corinthians 9:22–23 (NIV) I have become all things to all people... I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

Compelled by the gospel of Jesus, the Apostle Paul expresses his eagerness to meet, know, and love people where they are culturally. An essential part of that is done by “becoming all things to all people.” It’s an ambitious goal! How do we emulate that in our current days when cultural differences often lead to misunderstandings and tension? The answer is cultural agility! 

The conversation about culture often starts with our outward differences, like how we look, what we eat, and what we celebrate. But culture is something deeper that shapes our interactions far more profoundly than what the eye can see. Culture answers a question we don’t even know we’re asking: How? Whether the Apostle Paul met with people of Jewish faith or with Gentiles, he considered their “how” and then stretched toward others by making cultural adjustments and finding common ground with them. 

The Invisible Lens of Culture

Imagine culture as the lens through which we view the world. It's not something we look at, but rather, look through. This lens is so integral to our perception that it often remains invisible from inside a culture but glaringly obvious to someone outside it. Cultural agility is about learning to make the invisible… visible. 

Cultivating Cultural Agility

Our Cultural Agility Workshops help participants peel back the layers of invisible lenses and learn to see with new eyes. Drawing from our team's extensive experience in cross-cultural leadership and pastoral ministry and certified training from Knowledge Workx, we'll equip and empower your team to thrive in any intercultural setting. 

Participants learn to:

- Discover what culture truly is and how it shapes our motivations.

- Develop skills to better interpret and engage with others.

- Appreciate the richness of different perspectives.

- Adjust more rapidly and effectively to various situations.

- Reduce misunderstandings and tension in multicultural contexts.

-  Amplify collaboration within diverse teams.

Tailored Training Options

Our recommended training options include a dedicated 7-hour workshop with a meal break or a 3-part series totaling 6 hours. We can customize our training to meet your needs and schedule. 

The workshop covers:

1. Understanding Culture: How do we perceive reality?

2. The Three Colors of Worldview: What are the global cultural frameworks?

3. The 12 Dimensions of Culture: How do we navigate cultural preferences in relationships?

Personalized Assessments

For a comprehensive experience, participants are encouraged to complete questionnaires assessing their cultural motivations and inclinations. These assessment results pave the way for greater self-awareness and team cohesion. 

Join Us

As we weave the fabric of our diverse communities, the thread of cultural agility becomes essential. It's not just about acknowledging diversity but fully engaging with it, understanding its roots, and using newly acquired knowledge to foster unity. Join us on this journey of cultural discovery and become a catalyst for harmony in our world.

If you’re ready to explore the rich tapestry of culture and gain the agility to move within it with grace and understanding, contact Andy Gray at [] for more information or to schedule a workshop.

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