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Racial harmonY

God calls us to “live in harmony” (Romans 12:16), but we struggle to live that out...

Mountain Ridge a nation, in local communities, and among our churches

​Relational distance and partial understandings of racial harmony and justice are causing confusion, division, and pain. Our strained love for one another breaks God’s heart and compromises our witness. Neither passivity nor polarizing rhetoric will lead us to Jesus’ call to oneness.

Every book of the New Testament speaks to the issue of oneness and offers us meaningful guidance for experiencing racial harmony. Oneness is a matter of discipleship that has largely gone unattended in the context of race and culture. 


Our workshop explores racial harmony through a scripturally-rooted, gospel-fueled, and hope-aimed approach.  

We combine decades of cross-cultural leadership and pastoral ministry experience with theologically sound exegesis of the scriptures.

WHAT will you learn in a RACIAL HARMONY workshop?


upcoming workshops

APril 15th, 9 am - 4 pm
Urban Refuge Church

I'm interested, tell me more! 

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