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An intentionally multi-ethnic, experiential, and
a transformational journey where participants
learn together about our country’s
troubled racial history and the significant changes brought about by the Civil Rights

“Sankofa” is a West African word that means “go back and get it."

By exploring and feeling our history's weight,
we can gain wisdom to
bring to our present context and accelerate racial harmony together.


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Grounded in "Humility," participants learn the value of self-reflection and openness to change. Recognizing that true racial harmony requires humility and a willingness to learn, this emphasis promotes growth and transformation for all.

The "Hearing" emphasis promotes active listening to diverse voices and stories. By truly hearing each other's experiences and struggles, we cultivate empathy and a shared commitment to justice and unity.

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Tapping into our "Heart" focus, we address the emotional and relational aspects of racial dynamics. This component underscores the importance of compassion and genuine connection, fostering a community of love and acceptance.

Delving deep into the roots of our nation's racial past, the "History" emphasis allows participants to understand the origins of racial divisions. Through knowledge of past events, we create a foundation for fostering racial harmony today.


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