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An intentionally multi-ethnic, experiential, and
transformational journey where participants learn together about our country’s
troubled racial history and the significant changes brought about by the Civil Rights
Movement. “Sankofa” is a West African word that means “go back and get it."
Through exploring and feeling the weight of our history, we can gain wisdom to
bring to our present context and accelerate racial harmony together.





TerrAnce ROllerson


We’ll travel together on a bus to several important sites of the Civil Rights Movement throughout the South. Documentary videos are shown as we travel and are followed by engaging discussions. We’ll lament and pray together throughout our time as we seek wisdom and courage to move forward.



While every trip is a little different, we usually visit sites in Memphis, TN;  Jackson, Mississippi; Selma, Montgomery; and Birmingham, Alabama. Other sites along the way are included as time permits and depending on what airports we travel to and from. We will provide the names of the cities and hotels we are staying at prior to the trip.


Generally, the cost for the trip is $1100/person. Hotel, meals, snacks, site tickets, and bus travel expenses are all included in the journey. Meals are covered beginning with lunch on the trip start date through dinner on the final full day of the trip. Hotel rooms will be double occupancy with someone of your same gender. Participants are responsible for air travel costs to and from starting location.


Together we can be the voices that promote healing and harmony in our cities and nation.

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